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Maselec MLA-4

Maselec MLA-4

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Maselec MLA-4 Multi-Band Compressor and Expander

The Maselec MLA-4 is a 3-band compressor and expander based on the Maselec MLA-3.

The Maselec MLA-4 is an extremely powerful tool capable of restoring over-compressed mixes, change the tonal balance of a mix or bus.  With ratios of up to 6:1 in compression mode and 1:2 in expansion mode the MLA-4 provides extremely accurate compression and expansion. Compression and expansion can simultaneously be applied in a given frequency band.

Unique Link circuits are separate ensuring that compression of a frequency band is not affecting the expansion of other bands. This allows for extremely powerful combination of compression and expansion such as compressing the bass on the whole program while adding punch and highs to achieve a strong groove with added punch and presence. The MLA-4 is ideal at restoring dynamics transparently with small incremental tweaks.

The Maselec MLA-4 uses high quality components including stepped rotary switches ensuring repeatability and easy recalls. More importantly the noise, distortion and dynamic range figures are nothing short of spectacular making the MLA-4 an ideal mastering multi-band processor.

Maselec MLA-4 Multi-Band Compressor and Expander Overview:

  • 3-band compressor and expander based on the MLA-3

  • Ultra-powerful at restoring dynamics

  • Ratios ranging from 6:1 to 1:2

  • Attack and Release control for each band

  • Separate link circuits for separate compression and expansion of a frequency band

  • Sidechains links: L+M, L+H, L+MH, Off, Linked

  • Low Band Pass filter frequencies: 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz

  • High Band Pass filter frequencies: 1.5kHz, 3kHz, 6kHz, 12kHz

  • Stepped rotary switches

Short Description 3-band compressor and expander based on the Maselec MLA-3
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Manufacturer Maselec
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