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About Amphion Loudspeakers

Amphion has been manufacturing Hi-Fi speakers since 1998 using a design making them far less sensitive to acoustic rooms problems.  This principle and their ability not to colour the sound has made them very popular in the hi-fi and audiophile circles.

Driven by Anssi Hyvonen, the man behind the company, Amphion entered the professional world, and its success is a testament to the quality of their products.  Their range of speakers provide extremely detailed and balanced with a stunning stereo accuracy at all levels.

Amphion speakers are not only accurate, they also sound natural. Unlike many (great) studio monitors, which tend to provide an audio exaggeration provide you great detail that do not translate well on consumer speakers, Amphion speakers sound surprisingly natural which results in less revisions and faster workflow. The result is a stress free listening even during the longest sessions.

Adopted by many producers as well as recording, mixing and mastering engineers throughout the world, Amphion speakers represents a new paradigm  in monitoring.

If you want to know more about amphion speakers you can read our interview with Anssi Hyvonen

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