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Modal Electronics 008 VCO Eurorack Oscillator Module

Modal Electronics 008 VCO Eurorack Oscillator Module

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Modal 008 VCO

The Modal Electronics 008 VCO is the Eurorack modular incarnation of the powerful analogue oscillators found in the 008 polysynth.

The VCO's are the core building blocks that make the 008 sound so fat, organic and menacing, they are exceptionally capable and incredibly flexible.

008 VCO is a true 100% analogue oscillator that produces three rich, analogue waveforms and includes a variety of extra controls for create rich timbres and textures. 

The waveforms onboard include saw, triangle and pulse which does of course feature PWM capabilities, these raw analogue waves can be blended together to create new, complex waveforms. There's also a sub oscillator and  noise generator onboard, each with their own dedicated output.

Each waveform can be individually sent out of the module to be processed and routed independantly if desired, all of the waveforms are also summed and to the main output also.

When it comes to modulation, there's FM with both linear and exponential response curves and PWM for the pulse wave, both include dedicated onboard controls and bi-polar attenuators for dialing in the perfect amount of modulation.

The 008 VCO and also serve as a multi-wave LFO by simply activating the low mode. This means that complex, mixed waveforms  you produce in VCO mode can also be used as modulation waveforms if desired.

This is a super high quality analogue VCO with a wide array of advanced sound design tools at its disposal.

The main features of the Modal Electronics 008 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module include

Modal Eurorack oscillator

VCO circuitry from the 008 polysynth

Produces three waveforms, noise and sub octaves

Dedicated FM and PWM sections

Also functions as an LFO

14HP wide

Short Description Modal Electronics 008 VCO Eurorack Oscillator Module
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Modal Electronics
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