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Mutable Instruments Grids

Mutable Instruments Grids

Eurorack drum sequencer module

Mutable Instruments Grids

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Mutable Instruments
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Mutable Instruments Grids is a three channel trigger based Drum Sequencer Module with a unique UI and workflow.

Dubbed a topographic drum sequencer - Grids uses a highly unique system to generate its trigger signals. A combination of preset popular drum patterns are stored within the module, with each pattern being selected using the X and Y co-ordinate controls, these control the position within a 2d grid / map.

The grid contains a huge collection of popular pre-defined drum patterns which establishes the framework for your beginning drum pattern. The probability / density of each of the three triggers continued in the pattern denotes how often the trigger is produced at the output.

The X Y position and probability feature both manual and CV control, this adjusts the density of the triggers and can create some very unique sounding patterns and polyrhythms.

The triggers are laid out as if 1 = Bass drum, 2= Snare drum and 3 = Hi-Hat, but obviously these triggers can be sent wherever you like and experimentation is highly encouraged.

Grids includes its own onboard clock and can also accept an external clock signal. The Chaos section, as you might imagine complete does away with any for of linearity and complete randomises the patterns.

Probably the most unique way to generate sensical trigger patterns in the modular form factor, grid is an intuitive and expressive tool great for triggering almost anything.

The main features of the Mutable Instruments Grid Drum Sequencer Module include

Topographic trigger based sequencer

Include thousands of preset drum patterns

Insert variations, fills and ghost notes using external CV

16HP wide

Requires 25mA

Short Description

Mutable Instruments Grids is a three channel trigger based Drum Sequencer Module with a unique UI and workflow.

Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Mutable Instruments
Synth Engine Type N/A
Built-in FX N/A
Number of Inputs N/A
Number of Outputs N/A
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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