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Mutable Instruments Stages Segment Generator

Mutable Instruments Stages Segment Generator

Multi channel complex modulation source

Mutable Instruments Stages Segment Generator

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Mutable Instruments
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The Mutable Instruments Stages Segment Generator is a multi-channel complex modulation source that can function as an ASR Envelope, a complex 6-stage EG, an LFO, a 4-step sequencer or switched LFO, each stage can be any form of modulation….its stages can be looped, or used as a one shot if desired.

Stages is completely configurable tool that lets you define your modulation function, if you want to have one stage move from a simple rising voltage, slew into a LFO and then output an envelope function…then you can, the only limit is your imagination.

Stages has a very intuitive and flexible workflow. The front panel is colour coded in the classic Mutable way which makes for very clear visual feedback of what your voltages are actually doing, there are three “segments” to Stages;

The blue represents the RAMP function, which slides one voltage into another, to create portamento or slewed type effects , this is very handy for smoothing a transition of an envelope into another modulation and you don’t want a sudden transient change.

The yellow represents the STEPPED function, which allows you to shift from a starting voltage to a CV controllable destination voltage, which can be held until a trigger is received. This section is pretty handy for creating sequencer style functions.

The red section is the HOLD section, which as the name suggests holds a voltage for a given amount of time, this portion is where you’d dial in the sustain of your envelope.

All of these segments can loop into their selves, or move around a group of segments to create very complex, multi-stage modulation signals, you can even create looping ADSR’s and much much more.

Single segments can also be used outside of a a set of sequenced events, the ramp function can be looped to create an LFO function, and the hold function can delay a CV onset and the step segment can slew said held voltages. With a connected trigger signal, the ramp can turn into a temp sync’d LFO, the ramp becomes a pulse generator and the step can become a sample and hold.

So you can see by the breadth of functionality on hand here, that stages can literally be a one stop shop for most of your modulation requirements, if not all of them. It’s modulation done Olivier’s way, thoughtfully, uniquely and musically.

Oh and I did I mention you can chain up to 6 STAGES modules toegther....? Just incase you might a modulation chain that complex.

The main features of the Mutable Instruments Stage Segment Generator include

6-stage modulation generator

3 different types of modulation per stage

Stages can be looped and cycled to create interesting results

Staggering array of possible CV results

Short Description The Mutable Instruments Stages Segment Generator is a multi-channel complex modulation source that can function as an ASR Envelope, a complex 6-stage EG, an LFO, a 4-step sequencer or switched LFO.
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Manufacturer Mutable Instruments

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