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Native Instruments is a Berlin-based world-class music production software and hardware manufacturer. Founded in 1996, Native Instruments pioneered real-time synthesis on computers. Since then, it has pushed to create innovative audio technology that have transformed the way we make music.

Native Instrument's impact to the music goes as far as inspiring entire new genres of music. EDM and Dubstep owe their idiosyncrasies to the powerful sound of NI' products. Besides Native Instruments has also revolutionise how we produce and perform music. The perfect integration between hardware and software has changed how we make music.


Starting with Komplete which, offers an incredible range of software instruments and effects. Leading the charge are some of the most popular synthesizers such as Massive, Absynth or FM8. The legendary Kontakt sampler has also transformed how people now use samples. The impressive effect section includes the mighty digital effects studio Guitar Rig.  

Recently Komplete has now seen the new Komplete Kontrol S controllers. These keyboards offer unparalleled integration between hardware and software creating a true hybrid system. The Komplete Kontrol S series comes in three sizes (25-,49- and 61-keys). Just like the software, the Hardware is of high standard and let you work without looking at your screen.


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Before the Komplete Kontrol keyboards, the hybrid instrument revolution started with Maschine. A digital-groove production centre with unique hardware/software concept. After several successful iteration, Maschine's intuitive workflow created a new way of making music. Spontaneous, refreshing, Maschine has transcended all genres since its creation in 2009. 

Maschine can be whatever you need it to be. A beat-making device, step sequencer, mixer, live controller and more. Three  models Maschine MikroMaschine MkII and Maschine Studio all provide the same workflow. Only the budget differs. Portable the Maschine Mikro is the ideal entry-level solution offering all the basic functionalities. The Maschine 2 is perfect for live applications. Maschine Studio is the perfect studio centrepiece. 

Native Instruments designs its range for musicians whose feedback are instrumental in its development.  Native Instruments has changed the sound of music and the way we do music forever.

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