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Neve 88RLB

Neve 88RLB

Neve 88Rs Console Preamp in 500 Series

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When the world’s top musicians, composers and engineers get together to record, it’s got to be Neve all the way. Not everyone has room for the world’s greatest recording console - the Neve 88RS – but now there’s no need to settle for anything other than the absolute best when it comes to capturing the beauty, energy and excitement of your recording… Introducing the Neve 88RLB - the same sound of greatness, but in the palm of your hand. The incredible sounding audio technology from Neve’s two-ton flagship 88RS console is now available to you in a 500-series format module. With extra features like the REGenerate function, a sweepable high-pass filter, intelligent phantom power control and a DI input, true Neve magic has never been more accessible or convenient. True Neve 88RS mic preamp in a 500-series format, with transformer-coupled Mic input, electronically balanced Line and DI inputs and Line output REGeneration feature allows Line and DI inputs to be fed through the Mic input transformer to inject the legendary Neve sound Sweepable high pass filter can be switched in or out Intelligent 48v phantom power function -20dB pad and phase reversal features for Mic, Line & DI inputs Signal Presence LED illuminates green from a level of -25dB and red from a level of +26dB Front combi-XLR connector for Mic input (XLR) and Line & DI inputs 1/4” TRS jack - LIFT switch eliminates potential ground loops when using jack connectors in the front input
Short Description The sound of the world’s best recording console is now available as a 500-series format mono mic preamp module, using the exact same 88R circuitry. Transformer-coupled Mic input, electronically balanced Line and DI inputs and Line output.
Demo in Store Yes
Manufacturer Neve
Valve / Solid State Solid State
Channel Count Single Channel
DI Input No
Side Chain Input No
Chassis 500 Series
Phantom Power Yes
High Pass Filter Yes
Includes Dynamics No
Includes EQ No
Digital I/O No
Computer Connection No

Customer Reviews

Stunning! Review by Dru Masters (Posted on 29/11/2012)
I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these prior to release, as an engineer friend was asked to try it, but he didn't have a Lunchbox!

I already have a pair of 1073 LBs, so I'm pretty familiar with Neve's 500 series, plus my recording venue of choice is the Hall at Air Studios, so I'm used to working on the 88 desk there.

The first thing I noticed about the 88LB was just how beautifully made and finished it is. Some of the 500 series modules can look a bit home-made (which isn't always a bad thing), but this looks really lovely - just like the desk it's based on - and much nicer than it looks in the photo here.

You can see the specs on the 'description' page, so I won't repeat them, but suffice to say it has everything you need and expect from a pre, plus a couple of extras, the most notable being the DI REGeneration button. I have to be honest and say that I didn't notice a lot of difference with it in or out, but I'm not much of a fan of DI'd guitars anyway and prefer to stick a mic in front of an amp.

What I did notice, however, is just how amazing everything sounds through the mic circuit. I love my 1073s, but for instruments (which is what I record most of the time) they can add a little too much saturation. The 88LB just sounds like I'm sitting in Air Studios (ok, without the massive natural reverb!) - everything sounds clear and transparent, but not boring, flat or clinical - the sound has life and energy, it's warm, yet not saturated... It's really hard to describe in words, but I absolutely love it!

This is now my go-to pre, which I use mainly with my wonderful AEA KU4, but also with a Coles 4038, Neumann KM184 and Brauner VM1. I use it for guitars, clarinet, accordion, hammered dulcimer, cymbals, piano, shakers, ukulele etc. Needless to say, my friend isn't getting it back any time soon!

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