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Air Music Unleashes Advance Music Production Suite

Air Music has announced the release of Advance Music Production, an impressive collection of software for music production mixing and mastering.

Advance is a pretty impressive collection with over 70 software packages encompassing anything from powerful virtual instruments and FX to library packs and tutorials all featured on a 500Gb Hard Drive. These are by no means run of the mill products either, with Air, iZotope Waves, Sonivox, D16, Akai, Fabfilter, FXpansion, Gobbler just to name a few,  all contributed with full versions of some of their most popular products.

Full list of manufacturers:

  • AIR Music Technology
  • Akai Professional
  • Camel Audio
  • D16
  • FabFilter
  • Fxpansion
  • Gobbler
  • iZotope
  • PSP Audioware
  • Prime Loops
  • Sonic Academy
  • Sonic Charge
  • Waves
  • Way Out Ware
  • Wave Arts


Although designed for the whole music production process, Air Music has put a lot of effort in the virtual instrument section by not only contributing all their most prized instruments including Velvet, Vacuum Pro, Hybrid, Structure, and Transfuser, but also gathering some truly great virtual instruments from Akai (and their MPC Essentials software), FabFilter (contributing two virtual analogue synthesizers), Camel Audio with their Alchemy sample-based synthesizer powerhouse, WayOutWare’s high quality ARP2600 emulation. In addition Sonivox are also included from their EDM Classic synthesizers Wobble 2, Twist 2, Vocalizer Pro, to their impressive range of sample-based virtual instruments covering cinematic drums to orchestral instruments. This impressive collection gives you everything you need to create your music no matter what genre.  Added to that an impressive collection of loops and sample packs from Prime Loops covering all genres from ambient psychedelia to hard hitting rock and EDM!

If that’s not enough, Advance includes a wide range of effects from delays, choruses and Reverbs to distortion and glitch Effects.  EQs and Compressors are also featured with Waves contributing their highly popular Renaissance Channel (used by some of best mixing engineers throughout the world), PSP Audio offering two classic EQs based on legendary hardware and Wave Arts providing their FinalPlug limiter. FXpansion also includes some of their D.CAM analogue emulation EQs and compressors.

This could be quite a daunting package for any beginner, so AIR music secured a collection of online tutorials from Sonic Academy covering everything from sound design to mixing and remixing, mastering and more

Advance also includes one of the most powerful cloud-based collaboration and file-management by Gobbler allowing to save your projects on the cloud but also to collaborate with artists worldwide.

This is an impressive and complete package to say the least that any producer or electronic musician will want to have in their arsenal. The more surprising perhaps is the price. Indeed the whole package contains $5000 worth of software but Air Music makes it available with a 500Gb hard drive for a mere £479! For the full list of software check out Air Music’s website.

If you are looking to get a complete and powerful music production suite, you could do a lot worse than getting yourself a copy of AIR Music’s Advance Music Production AIR Music’s Advance Music Productionsoftware as it is well worth the price. For more info please call us on 020 8445 2446 or e-mail sales@kmraudio.com

By Paul Lavigne

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