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AnaMod Realios TL Compressor

The Realios TL Compressor (Tungsten Lamp Compressor) is the latest product from AnaMod, the company formed by Dave Amels and Greg Gualtieri responsible for a range of highly acclaimed analogue modeling products simulating classic compressors and equalisers.

Simulating the classic Helios compressor, this is a compressor which doesn’t use a photocell, diodes, FET, VCA, or variable-mu tube for gain reduction; only a tungsten lamp. Unlike the other technologies, a tungsten lamp adds no distortion to the audio signal making it a pristine audio device. Not only does a tungsten lamp not add distortion, but it is also a true RMS device which accurately tracks the audio level.

The Realios TL Compressor combines high quality electronically balanced audio electronics with a tungsten lamp as a gain reduction element providing for smooth artifact free, soft-knee levelling of even the most difficult program material. This is especially useful for female vocals, bass, guitar and mixes.

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