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ATC introduces new S-Spec Tweeter

ATC Loudspeakers has announced the rollout of a brand new S-Spec SH25-76S tweeter to all its studio monitors with the exception of the SCM25A Pro SL.

ATC SH25-76S-tweeter

The new tweeter is the result of 6 years of research and development and is collaboration between managing director Billy Woodman and R&D manager Richard Newman designed to improve on the already high performance of the previous tweeter.


What's new

The new S-Spec SH25-76S tweeter is the first tweeter developed by the company ensuring that every speaker is 100% handmade in their Gloucestershire manufacturing plant in the UK delivering the high quality service and no-compromise approach developed by the company for forty years.

The main benefits from the new S-Spec SH25-76S tweeter include the suppression of enharmonic diaphragm/coil rocking modes, improved pistonic motion and superior linearity and low distortion performance. The new S-Spec tweeter also improves the Off-axis response now extending to 25kHz instead of the already impressive 22khz (-6dB). ATC’s new tweeter also boasts a stronger magnetic field generated by a massive neodymium motor and new heat-treated top plate for a much more powerful magnetic field.

ATC SH25-76S tweeters


The 25mm S-Spec tweeter uses robust and well-damped mechanical structures yet exhibits much higher sensitivity with high power handling and low power compression which make ATC’s new tweeter far more efficient and free from the reliance on ferro-fluid which can affect the performance over time.

ATC SH25-76S Tweeter

The S-Spec tweeter will be added to all new ATC Loudspeakers except for the SCM25A Pro SL, SCM200 Pro and SCM 300 Pro SL so if you buy any other speaker such as the ATC SCM20 SL Pro Mk2 up to the SCM150 you will benefit from the performance of this new tweeter. For previous customers an upgrade pack will be made available in the future.

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