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  1. Majella Implexus Review

    Majella Implexus Review

          Majella Audio is a young company based in the Netherlands offering a range of innovative new synths. Implexus is their flagship instrument, an analogue desktop synthesizer that offers a combination of East and West coast synthesis to create a highly flexible synthesizer with powerful sound-shaping capabilities...   Hardware From the exterior, the […]

  2. Superbooth 2022

    Superbooth 2022

    Eight months after last year’s delayed edition of Superbooth, it was time to return to Berlin for what is now generally regarded as the world’s leading dedicated synthesizer exhibition. More than a simple expo, Superbooth provides enthusiasts, professionals and equipment designers with a space to share their love of electronic instrument design and music while […]

  3. Superbooth 2021 Report

    Superbooth 2021 Report

        After last year’s cancellation of the main Superbooth event, anticipation was high for the 2021 edition. Superbooth has always created a friendly environment where synth-freaks can come and see the latest innovations in synthesis, discover new musical projects and meet other like-minded people in this vibrant community.   A New Exhibition   Perhaps […]

  4. REVIEW: Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème

    REVIEW: Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème

            Tegeler Audio Manufaktur is a German company based in Tegel (Berlin) and is managed by Michael Krusch. A small operation, Tegeler aim is to provide world-class sounding equipment that is easy to use. We were familiar with Tegeler’s products (not least because we are regularly asked for them by our customers) […]

  5. A Day at Focal

    A Day at Focal

        Focal made its entry into the world of pro audio in 2009 but has been producing speakers for the past 40 years sharing their experience manufacturing Hi-Fi and audiophile speakers to their professional range. Their Focal Solo 6 and Twin 6 were immediate successes here in the UK. We were recently invited to […]

  6. Double Down on Apollo X Interfaces and Get FREE Plug-ins

    Double Down on Apollo X Interfaces and Get FREE Plug-ins

    The Apollo X audio interfaces are arguably one of the best sounding audio interfaces available and with the addition of UAD plug-ins available in real-time during tracking, they certainly are also one of the most flexible. But what happens if you need additional inputs or need more DSP power? Up to four Apollo interfaces can […]

  7. UAD Lexicon 480L Review

    UAD Lexicon 480L Review

      Universal Audio has just released version 9.7 of their UAD software and as usual, have included five new plug-ins including an emulation of the Lexicon 480L digital effects system.   A (Very) Brief history of the Lexicon 480L   The Lexicon 480L was released in 1986 and rapidly became the ultimate digital reverb by […]

  8. Universal Audio UAD-2 Live Rack Announced

    Universal Audio UAD-2 Live Rack Announced

    Universal Audio has just announced the UAD-2 Live Rack, a 16-channel MADI effects processor with real-time UAD processing designed with the front of house engineer in mind. At its heart lies a UAD-2 Quad DSP system housed in a rock-solid 1U rack for secure fitting. Live sound engineers require unwavering reliability and as such Universal […]

  9. 5 UAD Plug-ins for Vocals

    5 UAD Plug-ins for Vocals

          Universal Audio has been recreating incredibly realistic emulations of some of the best hardware equipment that gets used on all the best recordings we love, giving music creators amazing tools for recording, mixing and mastering. As Universal Audio is running a fantastic Vocal Plug-in promotion with their Apollo Twin Audio Interfaces, I […]

  10. Introducing the Crane Song HEDD Quantum

    Introducing the Crane Song HEDD Quantum

    We are excited to announce the new Crane Song HEDD Quantum; a significant update to the highly regarded HEDD 192 with brand new AD/DA conversion using Crane Song's 5th generation Quantum clocking. After years of improvement of the D to A conversion found on the Avocet IIA monitoring controller and Solaris DA converter, the HEDD Quantum is the first AD/DA converter with sub 1 picosecond jitter clocking resulting […]

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