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Avid Pro Tools 12.4 with Track Freeze is here

Avid have finally upgraded Pro Tools to version 12.4 and included one of the most awaited featured, Track Freeze.

A couple of months ago, Avid released version 12.3 with a raft of features that were offering a wealth of options for Committing audio and Instrument tracks with powerful workflow applications that we covered in this post. Pro Tools 12.3 - 5 Best Features

Now the missing piece is finally here and its implementation goes further than most other DAWs and offers features very similar to what Track Commit allowed for.

The first notable feature is the option to Freeze up to the insert of your choice. This freezes the track up to the following plug-in creating a freeze track below with an angled pattern overlay, and darkening the plug-ins that have have been frozen and cannot be edited.

Pro Tools 12.4 also allows freezing Aux tracks. When frozen the Aux track displays a waveform of the frozen track giving instant notification of when a track is frozen.

Instrument tracks can also be frozen, pretty much in the same way as audio tracks. When an instrument track is frozen, the newly frozen instrument track will display both the frozen audio track as well as the MIDI track as a transparent overlay. Multi-output instruments can also be frozen with each aux track displaying its own waveform. Combined with Freeze to this insert also allows further editing of active plug-ins.

Unlike Track Commit, Track Freeze doesn’t allow for audio editing or adding fades but is designed as a quick way to free up DSP on the fly.

With the inclusion of track Freeze, Pro Tools 12.4 now offers a huge array of options to free up DSP that suit all workflow requirements. It is available to all users covered by the Avid Pro Tools HD Support Plan. If your cover has expired, or if you still need to upgrade your system, now is the best time to upgrade and avoid the price increase that will kick in on the 1st of January.

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