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  • KMR Video | maag EQ4M

        KMR Video | maag EQ4M   Latest KMR Video overview of the dual channel maag AUDIO EQ4M mastering grade EQ. For more information on all the maag AUDIO products available from KMR ...

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  • Crane Song Insigna EQ | Review

    Crane Song EQ | 500 Series   When Dave Hill releases a new product, the world of professional audio takes note. Dave has been at the forefront of innovative, exceptionally high-class, beauti ...

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  • KMR Video | Dramastic Audio Obsidian

        The Dramastic Audio Obsidian is the latest compressor to feature under the KMR Audio Product Videos. For more Reviews and information about this wonderful modern take on a classic ' ...

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  • KMR Video | Telefunken C12

        The Telefunken C12 Mic is the second mic in a new series of KMR Audio Product Videos. For more information please click the Telefunken image below: ...

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  • UAD Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Review

    With the launch of the UAD 9.4 software comes the release of possibly one of the most requested emulation, the Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor! While every engineer and producer working in the box ...

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  • Analogue Solutions Fusebox Review

    It's no secret that Analogue Solutions make excellent synthesizers, heck it's their namesake. They make "Analogue Solutions" for those who have some kind of obscure issue that's solved with a syn ...

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  • KMR Video | Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Mic

        The Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Mic is the first of a new series of KMR Audio Product Videos. For more information please click the Townsend Labs image below:     ...

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  • UAD API 2500 Plug-in Review

      With the announcement of the new UAD 9 software comes the release of new plug-ins. This new version sees the addition of three new plug-ins: the UAD API 2500 compressor developed by Universal ...

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  • Thermionic Culture | Swift EQ

      Thermionic Culture | Swift EQ When Thermionic Culture discontinued their Freebird EQ I felt it was a shame as it was their only dedicated EQ unit, and having 3 channels of it was quite a bon ...

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  • UAD Manley VoxBox Review

    Today Universal Audio launched version 8.7 of their UAD-2 plug-in software including new plug-ins including the Unison powered UAD Manley Voxbox, Universal Audio's third emulation of a Manley piece o ...

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