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Crane Song June Special: Syren and Falcon modules for £799

Throughout the month of June we are offering the superb Crane Song Falcon and Syren 500-series modules at the incredible price of £799, just over 15% off.

Save Over 15% on Crane Song Falcon and Syren 500-series Modules


Both Syren and Falcon are valve single-slot modules capable of producing rich coloured sound while keeping Crane Songs clean and detailed signature, and now both are available to add to your “lunchbox”. As always with Crane Song both the Syren compressor and Falcon mic preamp are extremely flexible delivering anything from classic tube sound to rich classy colouration and even grit and overdrive.

The Syren is Crane Song’s first valve mic preamp and features a truly unique design implementation which is based around the interaction between the dual triode valve stages. By modifying the interaction and adding negative feedback (or not) it is possible to change the sound dramatically from clean with a wide frequency response to warm sounding and overdrive.  This incredible flexibility can work wonders on vocals, guitars, bass and much more. It also features a 24dB/octave high-pass filter at 90Hz, +48V phantom power, polarity switch and a pad offering a choice between -15dB and -25dB.

Following the same principle the Crane Song Falcon lets you modify the tube circuit to add negative feedback to the compression adding more or less colour. The Falcon does not use traditional valve compression designs and although it exhibits optical compression-like characteristics, the valve is the gain reduction element.  This design allows for a coloured vintage sound or much cleaner sound, while keeping its opto-like behaviour.

While extremely versatile, the Falcon remains extremely easy to use with simple controls over the Threshold, Gain and Dry/Wet, as well as three position switches for the attack and release controls covering fast, medium and slow, as well as for the compression/limiting knee. It is also linkable with up to 6 units being able to be linked together for 5.1 systems.

Whether you are looking for an additional mic pre or compressor to add to your arsenal or are simply starting your 500-series journey, you could definitely benefit with the flexibility and wide range of colour options that any of those two modules have to offer.  You could even add both!  To find out more on the Falcon and Syren modules or this offer, contact us by e-mail at sales@kmraudio.com or on the phone on 020 844 2446 or come and see us to our North London store or Richmond sales office.

By Paul Lavigne

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