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Dave Hill Designs

KMR Audio have announced that the company will be distributing Dave Hill Designs hardware and software in the UK. An inventive creator of analogue and digital signal processors, Hill founded Crane Song Ltd. and recently, Hill was instrumental in the design of Avid’s “Heat” engine for Pro Tools 9.

Dave Hill Designs’ new current product line comprises the Europa I, a Class-A mic pre-amp offering control over transient response and pleasing harmonic distortion, and the RA, a TDM plug-in that emulates amplifier overload for processing lacklustre digital signals.

Dave Hill says: “My audio tools are about creating the highest possible quality in both design and build. The tools are about solving real problems that are encountered while recording and creating new sounds. Designing audio tools; either hardware or software is also an art, it is like making a mix. You start with an idea, bring it to the point where it can be listened to, modify it, maybe or maybe not measure it, but most of all you listen to it a lot. You let the design evolve and you listen to it some more. Be creative, try new things, different things but most of all listen.”

The RA is a non-linear TDM plug-in for the professional Audio Engineers that demand the most from their plug-ins. The plug-in can be thought of as an amplifier that is being over driven, but there is control over what part is being overdriven. An analogy from photography: it is like the curve function.

For more information about Dave Hill Designs and demos, either in house or at your studio, please contact us.

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