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Endless Analog CLASP

KMR Audio are delighted to announce that Endless Audio's CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor), the critically acclaimed pro audio product that invisibly merges real analogue tape with Pro Tools and other DAWs, will be available exclusively from KMR in the UK from February 2011.

The amazing new system will be on demonstration from mid Feb in KMR's dedicated listening room at the company's London headquarters and the system's inventor and his team will be in the UK during March touring around interested studios demonstrating it in situ. If you are interested in having a bespoke demonstration at your studio please contact KMR as soon as possible as they will be limited, and booked on a first come first served basis.

KMR Sales Manager Stefan Pope exclaimed: “CLASP is probably the most exciting thing to happen to the recording industry for ten years. It means that the analogue tape sound we all love is now available to everyone without sacrificing time or flexibility!”

CLASP is the world’s first and only pro audio hardware that lets you record on real analogue tape with digital speed. It provides sample accurate tape synchronization with zero latency analogue monitoring while delivering a true analogue front end recording solution for Pro Tools.

Already being used by top artists, producers and engineers worldwide, CLASP is re-inventing analogue for the digital age. The system is already employed by a diverse range of artists, engineers, producers and facilities in the USA, including Lenny Kravitz (at his new Bahamas-based Gregory Town Sound recording facility); Michael W. Smith; Denis Savage, engineer for Celine Dion; producers Nathan Chapman, Dave Cobb, Chuck Ainlay, John Fields and Tom “T-Bone” Edmunds; and studio facilities such as Florida’s Cleartrack Productions, California’s Hemispheres Recording and Austria’s Prime Studios.

Stefan Pope continues: “When tape-based recording was largely replaced by DAWs, it left a sonic void that plug-ins have not been able to fill, hence the trend for returning to analogue tape for some parts of the recording process. CLASP is tape at digital speed. It routes all audio to tape then lines it up with sample accuracy in the DAW in real time. All the functionality of the DAW remains, but your computer will sound like your tape machine. You’ll spend more time recording, and no time waiting for transfers, Lynx boxes or SMPTE. Even better, tape costs are low. A single reel can last up to 10,000 hours!”

The DAW controls the tape machine, without having to touch it once tape is loaded. Features like playlists and quick punch are not compromised and, perhaps best of all, CLASP delivers what is technically impossible with a DAW alone: zero latency, real time analogue monitoring. A noticeable improvement for singers and better for the overall feel.

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