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First Cartec Compere 500 Units to Land at KMR

Announced at the AES Show last October, The Compere 500 Power Supply by Cartec caused quite a stir and we are very excited to be expecting the very first units in the next week.

Cartec Compere 500 Power Supply



There are many power supplies for the incredibly popular 500 Series format (or Lunchbox as it is often called) but the Compere 500 really brings something new thanks most notably to its additional freely assignable XLR input at the front. That’s right the XLR input can be routed to any of the 8 modules, and all from the front panel control named “Aux to Input Module”! Whether you want to try different EQs, compressors, or effects, Cartec has made it really easy to switch, doing away with the usual unplugging and replugging (or the use of a patch bay).

Not only that, but Cartec has gone one step further with the addition of a Link switch which automatically routes the linked module to the adjacent one. Never before had the 500 series format (or Lunchbox) been graced by so much flexibility and what’s more, the Compere 500 costs a mere £499 + VAT.

Needless to say this is an incredible product at an incredible price, and is exclusively available at KMR. And that’s not all, if you buy eight 500 series modules at a value of over £500 inc VAT (or £416.67 ex VAT) you can get a Compere 500 completely free!

The first units of the Cartec Compere 500 are scheduled to arrive next week and the demand has been extraordinary so far. So why not give us a call on 020 8445 2446, e-mail us at sales@kmraudio.com or come to our store for more info or simply reserve one today.

By Paul Lavigne

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