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Free SSL plugins (and more) with Universal Audio Apollo Rack Audio Interfaces

Universal Audio has launched a new offer for customers purchasing an Apollo rack audio interface, giving away their EchoPlex EP34, SSL E Series channel Strip and G Series Stereo Buss compressor as well as their latest tape emulation Oxide plug-in.

UAD Apollo SSL Offer Banner

How does it work?


Depending on which model of interface you purchase you will receive the plug-ins associated with this audio interface.

  • Buy an Apollo 8 Duo and receive the SSL E Series channel strip plug-in as well as the EP34 Tape Delay plug-in
  • Buy an Apollo 8 Quad or Apollo Firewire for Windows and receive the SSL E Series Channel Strip and G-Series Stereo Buss Compressor, as well as the EP34 tape delay emulation plugin.
  • Buy an Apollo 8p or Apollo 16 and receive the Oxide tape emulation, EP34 Tape delay as well as the SSL E Series Channel Strip and SSL G Series Stereo Buss Compressor.


Once you register your audio interface you will automatically receive the associated plug-ins in your account ready for use immediately. Customers who already own any of the plugins offered, will instead automatically receive a voucher of the value of the plugin to use on Universal Audio’s online store.

The SSL E-Series and G-Series are staple plug-ins for countless mixing engineers around the world providing the sonic characteristics of two the most cherished mixing console ever built. Use it in your DAW for mixing or in your UAD Console application for latency-free tracking just like you would on a real SSL mixing desk. EP34 and Oxide are also two great plug-ins that users will enjoy having in their arsenal let them add colour, depth to their productions.

The offer ends on the 30th of June so if you were thinking of purchasing an audio interface, now could be the time.

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