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Free Waves Bundles with Apogee Audio Interfaces

Apogee and Waves have teamed up to offer Waves Silver and Gold Plug-in Bundles with Apogee Duet, Quartet and Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces.


This offer provides further value to Apogee’s high-quality range of audio interfaces adding up to £600 worth of outstanding mixing and mastering plug-ins including EQs, Compressors, Reverbs, and more.

Apogee Duet and Waves Silver

Buy an Apogee Duet and you’ll automatically receive Waves Silver including over 16 high quality plugins representing a value worth over £400 and including C1 and Renaissance compressors, L1 Ultramaxmizer, Q10 and Renaissance Equalisers, Delays and reverbs with SuperTap, TrueVerb and IR-L Convolution reverb and Special Effects such as MondoMod and Engima.

Apogee Quartet and Waves Gold

Buy and Apogee Quartet  and receive a copy of Waves Gold worth over £600 and including over 35 plug-ins such as all the plugins found in Waves Silver plus GTR3 Guitar effects, H-Comp and H-Delay Hybrid plug-ins,  The V-Series of Neve inspired plug-ins, Wave Tune LT, C4 and Vitamin multiband processors and much more.

Apogee Ensemble and Waves Gold

Buy and Apogee Ensemble you’ll receive Waves Gold with all the plug-ins mentioned above and more.

Apogee Duet for iPad and Mac & Waves Silver Apogee Quartet & Waves Gold Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt & Waves Gold

If you are  looking for an audio interface there's never been a better time to purchase. Buying these separately would cost a whole lot more and the savings represent real value for money not only in terms of money but in terms of the quality of the items included. Not only are you getting high quality audio interfaces with unmatched AD/DA conversion but you are also receiving superb plug-ins that are the bread and butter processors used by all professional studios all over.

By Paul Lavigne

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