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Lightship95 is a truly unique recording studio in that it’s set up in a converted ship permanently moored in the heart of London’s docklands.

Envisioned by engineer (and all round good-egg) Ben Phillips, Lighship95 was designed to provide a comfortable recording studio full of character and quirkiness.  The studio is accessed via a drawbridge and is divided into a recreational area on the upper deck and the recording studio on the lower deck.



In the centre of the lower deck can be found the live room which replaces what once was the original engine room of the lightship! It measures no less than 520 sq ft and features truly superb acoustics thanks to a high ceiling and versatile acoustic absorptions and refractions designed to offer a wide range of sonic options. Using the acoustic properties of the ship, Lightship95 also features some wonderful reverb chambers.


Lightship95 Live Room


Next to the live room is the control room which now sits where once sat a huge diesel tank surrounded by pipes and walkaways. At 300 sq ft the room is built around a pair of Quested VS3208 monitors and an API1608 console all routed to a Pro Tools HD rig and Lynx Aurora 16 converters.  A really nice selection of outboard includes Distressors, API 500-series modules, Neve mic pres, Helios Type 69 mic pres and units from Standard Audio, Purple Audio, Great River, DAV Electronics and more.


Lightship95 Control Room


In addition to the select pieces of outboard, Lightship95 features an impressive range of microphones like ribbons from AEA, Coles, Beyerdynamic and Royer, superb condenser microphones such as a Brauner Valvet X, Neumann U47 FET and a vintage U87 and DPA 4061, Neumann KM184, and Oktava MK-012 SDCs. Dynamic microphones are also found plentiful from the highly popular Shure SM7B, SM57s and classic Sennheiser MD421s.

Lightship95  Microphone Cabinet

Lightship95’s selection of microphones is only rivalled by its impressive collection of guitar amps by Orange, Marshall, Fender, HiWatt, Vox and much much more.

Everything at lightship is focused on making the artists comfortable throughout the recording process and in addition to the old boutique feel of the live room, the control room feels homely with a large leather sofa.  For those moments when the artists need a break from recording and mixing, Lightship95 boasts a saloon reception room flooded by daylight and beautiful panoramic views of London’s skyline.

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