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Introducing the Coleman Audio Red 48

Coleman Audio and KMR Audio are very proud to introduce the brand new RED 48; a 48-channel summing mixer and monitor controller designed to give all the functionality and sound of mixing on a console, all in a convenient 2U format.

The Coleman Audio RED 48 comprises three different sections - a comprehensive control room monitor, a talkback function and a mix buss.

The control room section is based on the highly popular Coleman Audio TB4 MkII monitor controller, and features three balanced stereo inputs and the mixbuss which can all be selected as the source. The CONTROL ROOM and ALTERNATIVE MONITORS have dedicated levels with a passive stepped attenuator.

The Talkback section includes a talkback microphone with a dedicated level control, a slate output allowing you to designate tracks and dedicated remote switches. The Cue signal can be assigned as a cue mix control or control room signal and the headphones output can take the control room signal or the cue. It also has its own level control and can receive the talkback signal in cue feed mode.

Finally the mixing section comprises 48 inputs which are panned hard left and hard right which combine to 24 stereo inputs. The Coleman Audio RED 48 has been designed as a summing engine so all the EQ,'ing levelling and panning is done inside the DAW or through your analogue setup.  Stereo Inserts are nonetheless included allowing for compression, limiting and EQ to be added over the entire mix.

A remote is also included with Penny and Giles stereo master fader and three switches to control Talkback, Slate and Dim.

Inspired by KMR Audio Germany's Andrew Myburgh, Coleman Audio developed the RED 48 from his initial spec and has given it the RED moniker and its colour as homage to KMR Audio.

Coleman Audio Red 48 Summing Console Overview:

  • Control Room Selector has three balanced input sources and the mix buss to choose from
  • Passive stepped attenuator for control room monitors
  • Alternate speaker select
  • 48 summing inputs (24 stereo inputs)
  • Balanced stereo insert across the mix buss
  • Remote P&G stereo master fader
  • Remote switching for slate, talkback, and dim
  • Talkback mic with level control
  • Slate output for track designation
  • Cue feed to headphones can select a dedicated cue mix or the control room signal
  • Engineers headphone with a separate level control selects the cue feed or the control room signal


The Coleman Audio RED 48 is available to purchase in the UK from KMR Audio

Coleman Audio RED 48 Price: £1600 ex VAT (£1920 inc VAT)

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