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KMR Holiday Deals Save 10% on Selected Products

From the 3rd until the 13th of December, KMR Audio are offering 10% off on Shadow Hills Equinox, Buzz Audio SOC 1.1, Overstayer Saturator NT-02a and Ampeq-02, and the Standard Audio Level-or.

Shadow Hills Equinox

Shadow Hills Equinox

The Shadow Hills Equinox is a complete recording console including a control room section, thrity-two channel summing mixer and dual-channel mic preamp. In true Shadow Hills fashion, the Equinox features three selectable output transformers to provide a wide range of sonic options.

This offer does not include the PSU which needs to be purchased separately

Buzz Audio SOC 1.1

Buzz Audio SOC1.1

The Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 is an optical compressor using old Light Dependent Resistor technology as the gain reduction element with modern Differential Drive Side Chain to deliver a more flexible compressor with faster behaviour. Like all Buzz Audio products, the SOC1.1 is nothing short of spectacular and offers a wide range of colours from obvious squashing of the sound to gentle levelling. As a result the SOC 1.1 has become a favourite amongst engineers especially on bass and vocals.

Overstayer Saturator NT-02 and ampEQ.

Overstayer Saturator NT-02a

The Overstayer Saturator NT-02 has quickly become a favourite amongst producers and engineers for the wide range of colours it can impart to the sound from subtle harmonic enhancements to full-on analogue distortion and is used on anything from drums, guitars, vocals, to synths and even 2-buss. Extremely flexible with a comprehensive set of controls, the Saturator NT-02 offers not only saturation but also a 3rd Harmonics distortion circuit as well as many filtering options and clean gain.

Overstayer Ampeq-02

The Ampeq-02 by Overstayer is a dual channel mic preamp with a two-band vintage style passive EQs, allowing for comprehensive tone shaping.  A unique Harmonics section lets you dial in how much colouration you want on any source, from adding punch to your drums, crunch to bass and synths or adding presence and weight to your guitars. It does so by providing three different voicings and adding different amount of second order and third order harmonics.

Both the Saturator NT-02 and the Ampeq-02 are the perfect complement to the digital recording studios adding a wealth of analogue colouration.

Standard Audio Level-or

Standard Audio Level-or


A 500-series JFET limiter and distortion unit based on the Shure Level-Loc, the Standard Audio Level-or delivers a trashy and ultra-compressed sound but with a sound of its own. It features “Level” and “Crunch” modes and a release time control with a choice between fast and slow.  The Level-or is capable of delivering some excitement to your drums, synths, bass, guitars, or any source material and add an aggressive twist that will not go unnoticed.


The 10% offer is available when purchasing 3 or more Standard Audio Level-Or units


These great offers will only last until the 13th of December so hurry and give us a call on 020 8445 2446, e-mail us at sales@kmraudio.com or come and visit us in our North London store or Richmond sales office.

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