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Korg Minilogue Analogue Synthesizer

Korg Minilogue Analogue Synth

Korg Minilogue Analogue Synthesizer

Today Korg announced the Minilogue Analogue Synthesizer, an affordable 4-voice analogue polysynth with a powerful subtractive architecture, sequencing capabilities with preset management and storage.

The new Minilogue from Korg, rather pretty wouldn't you agree? The new Minilogue from Korg, rather pretty wouldn't you agree?

There had been plenty of rumours flying around leading up to this year’s NAMM show about someone releasing an affordable polysynth, well Korg have lived up to rumour hype and delivered an astonishingly capable 37-note analogue synth at an incredible price point.

This is a serious analogue polysynth with its own unique sound and sonic capabilities.

The architecture

The Minilogue provides a wide array of synthesis capabilities onboard, with a user friendly one knob per function interface and an intuitive approach to sound design.

The synth includes two multi-wave analogue oscillators per voice, each with switchable octave ranges, three classic waveforms each with variable wave shaping and pitch control. Classic analogue waves and complex blended timbres can be achieved here.

Korg's new poly. Look at the OLED display!

In terms of VCO modulation, there’s a dedicated cross mod attenuator, pitch envelope attenuator, switchable sync and ring modulation.  There’s also a switchable 2 / 4 pole analogue filter, multi wave LFO and two envelope generators too!

Korg have also (rather tastefully) implemented a delay effects processor with it’s on high pass filter and routing options.

There’s also a fully featured 16-step sequencer, space for 200 presets and 8 voice modes including an arpeggiator and a dedicated side chain. Analogue sync IO for volca, electribe and monotribe integration is included, as well as USB MIDI and MIDI IO.

Plug in your MIDI, USB and analogue sync equipped gear.

Perhaps the one feature that will make any synthesizer fan happy is the inclusion of an OLED display….that also doubles as an oscilloscope. Yep, that’s right you see exactly what’s going on with your waveforms in real-time as you control them. Super cool.

Korg haven’t disappointed with this release, Minilogue spec’s read like a wish list from every synth forum around and we’re incredibly excited to get our hands on them.

UK RRP is £435 and stock is expect towards to end of January, to get one from the first UK shipment make sure you pre order with KMR Audio to avoid disappointment.

By Tom Lewis

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