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Lindell Audio AMPX + DACX

We are very excited to announce the imminent arrival of two new Lindell Audio products - the DACX and the AMPX.

The AMPX, a Class A studio standard power amplifier and the DACX, an extremely high end digital to analogue converter. Both units are very competitively priced and designed to satisfy the most demanding professional audio engineer.

Studios all around the world still rely on classical passive monitors like NS-10, Proac, ATC and PMC where the power amplifier is crucial to get a clean uncoloured and precise sound. Lindell has developed the AMPX to be the new studio workhorse with high resolution, high headroom and accurate, easy to mix sound at an affordable price of £999.00 + VAT

AMPX Features:

* Dual Mono Design With Completely Separated Power Supplies

* SANKEN 2SA1695/2SC4468 High-Power Transistors

* Frequency Response 10Hz-100KHz (±1.5dB)

* S/N Ratio >100dB

* 40 Watts Class A

* Balanced Input and Thru

* Dual Output Power VU Meters

* 2 mm Thick Gold Plated Pc Boards

The second unit, the DACX, is an extremely high end digital to analogue converter using only the best parts available on the market today. It is made for the demanding engineer who wants the highest possible resolution and sound quality.

What sets the DACX apart from everyone else is quality of the power supply and output stage using the renowned AK4397 D/A chip.

The DACX adopts 4 pieces of low magnetic flux leakage power transformer in total 24 group independent power supply cells, in order to decrease the crossover distortion or interference of different circuit system.

The DUAL OUTPUT STAGE allows the selection of 'Tube' or 'Op-amp' for flavouring. The clean Op-amp stage is ideal when using the DACX in your monitor chain. Try the Tube output stage if you use the DACX in your mastering D/A chain.

The DACX features dual AES/EBU inputs, Coax SP/DIF, Optical SP/DIF and USB audio. The selectable up-sampling feature lets you set the output sample rate to taste: 24/96, 32/96, 24/192, 32/192.

Price: DACX - £1499.00 + VAT

DACX Features:

* Sample Rate Supported- 44,1 - 48 - 88,2 - 96 - 176,4 - 192kHz

* AK4397 Delta-Sigma D/A from AKM

* 4 pieces of low magnetic flux leakage power transformer

* Balanced And Unbalanced Outputs

* Switchable Output Stage- Tube or Clean Op-amp

* S/N Ratio <114db

* THD <0,002%

* Gold Plated Pc Boards ends.


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