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Looptrotter Announces Satur-8/24 24-channel Summing Mixer

London – UK: Polish Manufacturer Looptrotter has brought a significant update to its superb Satur-8 summing mixer and distortion box with the Satur-8/24.

As the name suggests, the Looptrotter Satur-8/24 is a 24-channel summing mixer with channels 1 to 8 routed through saturation blocks to add harmonic enhancements such as vintage tube consoles or tape-like distortion. Each of the eight channel features an LCR toggle switch to pan the signal in the stereo field. The remaining 16 channels are directly summed to the stereo output without going through the distortion blocks. A stereo output level control is included on the master section and stereo insert points let you connect additional processors such as stereo compressors or EQ. A cryptic but powerful Magic button adds depth and focus to the sound as well as increasing the stereo field for a larger than life summed signal. Master and Monitor outputs are included to let you “print to tape” and monitor the result accurately.

Looptrotter Satur-8/24 Summing Mixer

Satur-8/24 is in fact much more than a summing mixer and can also be used for tracking and mixing. Channel 1 to 8 include direct out via D-Sub allowing the Satur-8/24 to be used as a colour box to add harmonic content or fatten up the incoming signal.

An expansion slot lets you expand the amount of saturation blocks to 16 allowing you to add colour to more channels.

The Looptrotter Satur-8/24 will be available to order from mid-April exclusively from KMR Audio. 

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