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Moog Announces Mother32 Eurorack Syntheiszer


Moog have unveiled what seems to be their first foray into the Eurorack market

Briefly shown at the Knobcon 2015 the new Moog Mother32 is a semi-modular analogue synthesizer with a single VCO, modular patching matrix and a fully featured 32-step sequencer.

Moog Mother32

It seems that this monophonic synthesizer will fit into a standard format eurorack case, but there’s no confirmation on the HP width, power requirements of physical I/O just yet,

Mother32 could be a self contained voice which could be an excellent way of expanding on an existing system.

We’d expect this synth to include the standard 24dB transistor ladder filter, but again this is all to be confirmed officially by Moog.

There has been a massive demand for Moog Eurorack Modules ever since the format became more popular, we’ve recently seen Moog re-issue some their legendary modular in the form of the System 15, System 55 and the Emmerson Modular, but a move into the Eurorack market is what all budding synthesizer users want.

I mean some of us have even gone as far as buying a 500-series chassis just to get the Moog Filter into our modular signal chain!

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By Tom Lewis

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