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NAMM 2014: Kush Audio Announces Clariphonic 500 and Pusher

Kush Audio has announced two really exciting products, the Clariphonic 500 a 500-series version of the highly regarded Clariphonic EQ and a brand new colour plug-in called Pusher.

A Clariphonic for 500-Series

Kush Audio Clariphonic 500



















Starting of with the Clariphonic 500, as single-channel, one slot 500-series of the Clariphonic EQ with the exact same circuitry is absolutely fantastic. The Clariphonic has been highly praised for its unique mastering grade circuit which allowed us to add extreme focus, clarity, presence and air very easily. Featuring the same Focus and Clarity controls with the assortment of switches, the Clariphonic 500 will now give the exact same performance to your 500-series rack. From adding Mid range focus to lush open sounding midrange to your bass instrument in Focus mode to adding air clarity and presence to your vocals, you can now work with mono sources without ever making them sound harsh.

Update: The Kush Audio Clariphonic 500 only sports the Diffuse (Shelf) mode in the Focus section.

Pusher: A New Magnetic Colourbox

Kush Audio Pusher Magnetic DSP Colorbox













Next is an intriguing new plug-in which although reminds us slightly of Kush’s UBK-1 offers a lot more. Indeed the Pusher is what Kush calls a Magnetic DSP Colorbox; what that entails we’re not sure but what we know is that Pusher models the behaviour and harmonic properties of four metal cores to let you create new musical distortions and transient colouration. By using a set of controls you can shape and bend the sounds into rich textured sound ranging from classic vintage colour to modern, cutting edge grit. Added to the Magnetic side of things is a much punchier and wild UBK compressor. Based on the quality of Kush’s Plug-ins offering we can already say that it will be a box of wonders that will sound nothing short of extraordinary.

Price and Availability for the Clariphonic 500 and Pusher is still unavailable at the moment but watch this space as we’ll update this news with UK pricing and availability as soon as possible.

Paul Lavigne

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