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NAMM 2018 News | PART1


NAMM KMR Audio Part1NAMM 2018 News | PART1


It's that time of year where we head out to LA to see what latest and greatest audio products are due for release in 2018, or currently in development.

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BlackBox | MM1 & HG-Q


Black Box Analog Design showcased their MM1 MicPreamp/DI which is based around a true analogue path boasting no IC's or Op amps, whilst allowing two Valve stages - Pentode and Triode - to be controlled independently from each other. Alongside custom wound transformers on the input and output, the MM1 also includes the Air circuit which is featured on their popular HG-2.

Blackbox MM1 KMR Black Box Analog Design | MM1


Black Box also previewed their prototype HG-Q EQ which has a bit of a Pultec-ish charm with MS decoding, but you can also drive each channel or each of the MS channels as well as Soloing them. Definitely a work in progress as we believe the HPF controls will become drive controls, but a very intriguing prospect!

Price TBA on both MM1 and HG-Q - More info: Black Box Analog Design | KMR

HG-Q Black Box KMR Black Box Analog Design | HG-Q


Black Box HG-Q KMR Audio Black Box Analog Design | HG-Q




API | Stereo 529 Compressor


API Audio have released their first 'double-wide' 500-Series based upon the 2500. Ok, there are a couple of little differences but the 529 does have the THRUST circuitry and the Old/New switch for classic and modern compression styles.

More info: API Audio | Stereo 529 Compressor | KMR 

API 529 KMR API Audio | 529


API 529 KMR API Audio | 529




Elektron | Digitone


Elektron have released the Digitone which is an 8 voice poly FM synth (or their take on it!) featuring multiple FM algorithms, 1 x multimode filter per voice, 1 x base-width filter per voice, 1 x Overdrive per voice and 2 x assignable LFO per voice. It includes a sequencer allowing 4 synth tracks, 4 MIDI tracks and 1 arpeggiator per track.

Finishing touches are Saturator Delay, Overdrive, Supervoid Reverb and Panoramic Chorus.

More info: Elektron Products | KMR

Elektron Digitone KMR Audio Elektron | Digitone


Elektron Digitone Rear KMR Audio Elektron | Digitone Rear




Highland Dynamics | HG1 and Mic-Preamp


Highland Dynamics are previewing some prototypes alongside their excellent BG2 mono Compressor. The first is the BG1 which is a Stereo Compressor but with an Attack Control which allows it to be fast enough to strap over say a Drum bus. The BG2 we love so much because it's slow but by having the option to speed up the attack on a Stereo design makes it very appealing. They're also showing a 'no-name yet' Mic Preamp. Both the Mic Pre and Stereo Compressor BG1 have no release date yet.

More info: Highland Dynamics | KMR

KMR Audio Highland Dynamics BG1 and BG2 Highland Dynamics | BG1 and BG2 and Preamp




Barefoot Sound | MicroSub 45


Barefoot Sound released the MicroSub 45, designed to complement their MM45 range of monitors, allowing extension down to 25Hz with an 80Hz crossover built into them.

More info: Barefoot Sound | KMR

Barefoot MicroSub45 KMR Audio Barefoot Sound | MicroSub45




Unity Audio | Mini Rocks


Unity Audio released the Mini Rocks, which sit alongside their Rock Mk2, Super Rock and Boulder range of UK designed monitors.

More info : Unity Audio | KMR 

Unity Audio Mini Rocks KMR Audio Unity Audio | Mini Rocks




Neumann | U67 Reissue


Neumann announced the U67 Reissue microphone. Originally introduced in 1960 this is the first time the U67 is back in production and built to the original specifications. Sonically Neumann suggest it is identical to the U67 models made between 1960-1971.

UK Pricing TBC

More info: Neumann Microphones | KMR

Neumann U67 KMR Audio Neumann | U67 Reissue


U67 Valve KMR Audio Neumann | U67 Reissue


U67 Case KMR Audio Neumann | U67 Reissue




AEA |TRP2 Preamp


The AEA TRP2 updates the original AEA ' The Ribbon Preamp ' which now includes phantom power to work with active ribbon and condenser microphones, polarity switching, switching power supply and optional rack ears. It also includes a switchable 100Hz, 12dB per octave low-frequency filter. (The phantom power has a phantom power kill switch that deactivates 48V when passive ribbon mics are connected.)

More info: AEA Microphones | KMR





Arturia | MiniBrute2, MiniBrute 2S and BruteRack


Arturia kept busy, not content with re-vamping the MiniBrute into the excellent MiniBrute2 they have also released the MiniBrute2S and RackBrute. Video below explains more.

More info: Arturia | KMR



Radikal Technologies | DELTA CEP A


Radikal Technologies DELTA CEP A is a semi-modular paraphonic synth in a Eurorack design but within a desktop case. More info in the Video below...sounds amazing!

UK Price TBA

More info: Radikal Technologies | KMR Audio



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