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Neve Announces the 1073N Mic Preamp and EQ

Yesterday Neve announced the 1073N a brand new iteration of the 1073, the classic mic preamp revered by so many engineers, producers and musicians alike for over 30 years.

Neve Announces the 1073N Mic Pre









The Neve 1073N looks at first sight exactly the same as the original featuring the same 3-band EQ and knobs. What’s more just like the original, this unit can be inserted into the original 80-series mixers or PSU and works just like the original. Turn the unit over and here you can see the differences. On the top of the usual connector used in the original and found in this new version, the Neve 1073N also features a Mic,Line, DI combo input and a Line level XLR output as well as a built-in PSU.  The Neve 1073N is in essence a standalone version of the 1073 offering the convenience required by many of today’s producers and musicians.

The Neve 1073N features the same circuitry as the original and can be inserted to the original 80-series mixer instead of an old unit without any change in sounds. Indeed the 1073N exhibits the same full and vintage sound with smooth highs adding warmth and depth to your recording.

Neve 1073N Front and Back


This is really exciting news for many people who longed to get this classic preamp but were put off by the lack of flexibility and the additional outlay for a dedicated Power Supply.  To find out more about the Neve 1073N give us a call on 020 8445 2446 e-mail us at sales@kmraudio.com or simply come and see us for a chat.

By Paul Lavigne

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