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New Chandler RS124 Compressor announced at AES

Chandler and Abbey Road just launched the reissue of the legendary RS124 compressor. This legendary vintage compressor was used on countless classics by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and many more and will for the first time be available to purchase.

Chandler RS124 Compressor, Front

The Chandler RS124 not only brings back one of the most coveted compressor back, they have also brought useful updates for modern requirements. First is the inclusion of a brand new variable attack control to add further flexibility. In addition to the variable attack time, this control also sets three different modes based on three different revisions. The 60070B, 60050A and 61010B models all differed in their attack time making them suitable for different applications. For example the 60070B was very much used for tracking while the 60050A and 61010B were favoured as mixbuss applications. Now Chandler brings all three versions in one compressor.

About the original Abbey Road/EMI RS124 Compressor

The creation of the RS124 is intrinsically linked to the Altec 436B which Abbey Road rapidly transformed under Bill Livey, Len Page and Mike Batchelor. The original RS124 compressor (and the Altec 436B) uses the Vari-mu design which would become even more popular a few years later with the Fairchild 660.  The Abbey Road/EMI RS124 could control transients like no other compressors, compressing heavily but without sucking the life out of the instrument it was used on. It quickly became the go to compressor for engineers working there and was used on anything from vocals, bass, and even on the mix buss. Several revisions were made over the years to improve performance but all versions retained the lush and smooth quality that made them so unique.

Chandler spent years lovingly recreating this legendary valve compressor and make it available to everyone to use.

The Chandler RS124 will be available from mid-November and is available to pre-order at £2479. Contact us for more information or if you wish to reserve your unit.

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