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New Trident Audio 80B-500 Modules Available!

Trident Audio Development announced a 500-series of their revered 80B EQ back in 2013 and now they've started shipping! The Trident 80B-500 module is an exact redesign for the 500-series and will give you the sound that the original EQ produced. What’s more it’s at the bargain price of £359!

Trident Audio 80B-500 EQ

For those not familiar with the product, the Trident 80B-500 is the EQ found on the late 70’s and 80s Trident 80B Consoles. It was very successful and graced many recording studios over the world in that were search of a fat sounding and flexible console. It was used on countless classic rock recordings of that era and continues to be very well thought of.

The four-band EQ on the 80B console is spectacular, a very musical EQ with large overlap between the two mid bands. Each band uses a proportional Q which means that the more the gain is pushed, the narrower the bandwidth becomes.  This is partly the reason why the EQ in the 80B console is so musical. But its success was undoubtedly for the heft it can impart to a sound; a heft often defined as creamy and thick. Trident has now decided to give engineers and producers that big sound in the 500-series.

The Trident 80B-500 is a single slot, mono four-band EQ module with both LF and HF shelves with switchable frequencies and two sweeping midrange bands with the lower band covering 100Hz to 1500Hz frequencies and the higher one covering 1000Hz to 15kHz. All bands provide 15dB of cut and boost. As mentioned before there is no bandwidth control as this depends on the amount of gain applied. A fixed 50Hz HPF switch is also included. An overload LED indicator turns red when the signal is too hot.

This new recreation of a classic EQ is sure to be extremely popular and at this rather keen price will undoubtedly reassert that legendary sound of the 80B console in modern productions. We are expecting the first UK shipment any time now.

By Paul Lavigne

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