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Peluso Microphone Lab Announces P-87


Peluso Microphones has launched the new Peluso P-87, a solid state large diaphragm condenser microphone. The P-87 delivers all of the clarity, detail and warmth users have come to expect from American brand Peluso. The reliability of solid-state electronics combined with a spectacularly low price make this a very appealing microphone. Taking its inspiration from the 1970's versions of the vintage U-87 microphone, the P-87 is Peluso’s latest effort to bring one of history’s greatest mics to life again.

Peluso P87 Boxed

The P-87 microphone build is simple and durable to provide a lifetime of use. Electrical components are carefully selected to be only the highest quality. These components are all carefully hand soldered into ultra-high impedance circuit boards. The P-87 uses conventional heavy-duty toggle switches on board the mic. The heavy brass body is durable and shields the audio circuit from radio frequency and other environmental noise. A soft velvet bag is provided to keep your mic safe and polished.
Accompanying the P-87 are all the tools you’ll need to use your mic in a variety of applications. A shock mount is supplied to isolate the mic from vibrations to get that perfect vocal. A hard mount is supplied to get the precise placement you need for drum micing. Both of these mounts have been redesigned to employ a lever-arm tightening wrench to get a good tight ‘no-slip’ position by hand. A foam wind & pop filter is supplied for outdoor locations and very close vocalists. A locking flight case lined with precision cut foam keeps the whole package safe and secure.

The P-87’s capsule is composed of two center-terminated diaphragms and back plates assembled back to back. The diaphragms are stretched with gold bonded Mylar. Through independently switching the phase on each side of the capsule, the P-87 is capable of delivering cardioid, omni-directional and figure ‘8’ polar patterns. The P-87 is equipped with a low frequency roll off switch and a -10 dB pad switch. These three switches are located on the mic body. The P-87 circuit is built around a precision laser trimmed FET. With the highest quality low noise resisters and capacitors the P-87 has a very low noise floor, incredible consistency and a high overload point. This provides great detail and clarity even with high volume sources. The custom designed transformer output controls transients, providing velvety smooth response.

The Peluso P87 is available to order at a special introductory price of £799 inc VAT (£665.83 ex VAT).

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