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RecPublica Studio

This was a hugely enjoyable project for us. In 2007 we were visited by a bunch of Polish metallers. After several pints of vodka in a London hotel it transpired they had purchased a sixteenth Century mill located in the far west of Poland (about two hour's drive from Berlin) and were in the process of converting it into a recording studio. The construction and renovation work had started and they were very serious in their desire for the best audio technology to sit inside this incredible historical building. Designed by Abbey Road Legend John Flynn, RecPublica was looking to build a truly state-of-the-art recording studio with no equivalent in central Europe.

RecPublica Control Room

We supplied a SSL Duality console forming the centre of the control room, as well racks of outboard, Apogee conversion, a range of mics and monitoring and a full Pro Tools HD rig, all configured.

The studio is nothing short of spectacular with bare walls showing the old stone and boasts a huge live room, which is on the ground floor of the old mill, and it houses a gorgeous Fazioli piano. 3 additional independent live rooms and a vocal room all serving to provide all the best acoustics possible.  As uncompromising as ever, RecPublica has selected nothing but the best microphones including a Brauner VMA large diaphragm condenser.

RecPublica Live Room

Upstairs is the superb twin control room, and there are also rooms for programming and mixing. A Pair of Adam S6A serve as the main monitoring with a pair of Neumann KH310 for nearfield applications. At the monitoring position the 48-channel SSL Duality sits proudly and is used to record through the legendary SSL mic preamps as well as mixing thanks to the extremely flexible E-series EQ and powerful recall facilities. The vast range of outboard includes a Manley Massive Passive, Empirical Labs Distressors, Chandler, Universal Audio a Looptrotter Monster and a Bricasti M7 reverb amongst other things.

The mill features full hotel-style accommodation, and given the quiet village the studio is situated in, an idyllic place for bands to get away from everything (literally everything). This really is a magical place. The renovation work is stunning and genuinely looks and feels like a pristine 16thC mill converted into a state of the art recording facility.

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