Solid-State-Logic announce FUSION


Solid-State-Logic UK, have released a brand new 2u analogue processor called FUSION consisting of 5 analogue modules that can be combined together or used discretely.

KMR_SSL Fusion_Front

Featuring LED output metering, large input and output controls, a High Pass Filter switchable at 30Hz, 40Hz and 50Hz and an insert point (which can be pre or post EQ) the main features consist of :

  • Vintage Drive - This is a brand new harmonic circuit capable of providing harmonic saturation and soft compression, You can create subtle warmth or really push to the extreme with the Drive and Density controls, you would be forgiven if you thought there was a valve stage in's that good!

KMR SSL Drive Control


  • Violet EQ - A New EQ circuit from SSL! This is a 2-band EQ and provides +/-9db at 30Hz, 50Hz, 70Hz and 90Hz and +/-9db at 8kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz and 20kHz. This EQ is designed to add that real low end weight alongside smooth sparkle in the highs, capable of easily enhancing a mix.



  • HF Compressor - You want some smooth top end control? got it! Designed to help tame harsh frequencies (that sometimes sneak through) but controlled in a natural, transparent analogue way with the simple Threshold and X-Over controls providing 'tape-like' HF roll off.

SSL Fusion_HF-Compressor KMR


  • Stereo Image - SSL have always provided some Stereo Width control on their consoles and here for the first time is a dedicated M/S encode/decode circuit. The Space controls the amount of bass in the side signal, and the Width controls the overall level of the side signal.

KMR Audio SSL Fusion_Stereo-Image


  • SSL Transformer -  Yes a transformer in an SSL!!! Something that perhaps I thought I'd never write in a sentence, but SSL have fitted a custom-designed Transformer circuit which has been chosen purely to add subtle low-end saturation and high end poise. Switchable in and out, but why would you take it out? sounds so good!

KMR_Audio_SSL Fusion_Transformer


The Story So Far


I have been fortunate enough to be involved from the initial concept to the early listening and beta-testing since last year, and I personally feel that SSL has come out with a killer sounding and totally perfect addition to our modern, current workflows.

Whether "In The Box", or "Out Of The Box" this unit will provide real flexibility and sonic pleasure in a simple, musical way - regardless what your chosen workflow.

Full review will follow later this month. Shipping is expected in early November 2018.

Price £1499 ex vat



For more information please go here > Solid-State-Logic FUSION @ KMR Audio <