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SSL announce new 500 Series modules & Automation Software Plug-in


Solid State Logic has announced two new 500 Series modules and brand new automation software plug-in for AWS and Duality Consoles that it will showcase at MusikMesse 2015.

VHD Pre 500 Series

The first announcement is the release of SSL’s highly acclaimed VHD Pre for 500 Series which offers the choice between the typical Solid State Logic clean SuperAnalogue mic pre sound or more coloured sound thanks to its popular Variable Harmonic Distortion technology which lets the user add 2nd or 3rd order harmonics or a blend of both to add subtle valve-like colouration or edgy transistor type saturation.  The VHD preamp was previously only available as an X-rack module or on the AWS and Duality consoles but now SSL are making it available to the highly popular 500 Series format. Other interesting features include a continuously variable high-pass filter ranging from 15Hz all the way to 500Hz and a PAD switch which changes between mic and line levels so you can add VHD colouration when you mix.

Solid State Logic VHD Pre for 500 Series

LMC+ 500 Series Compressor

The second 500 Series module is a recreation of their highly praised Listen Mic Compressor or LMC for short which was featured on the SSL 4000E console and was used (and still is) by some producers to crush ambient drum mics. The compressor was originally used to prevent overloading the return feed from the talkback mic and as a result is extremely simple. It does not feature any ratio, attack or release controls, simple a threshold ranging from high to low and an engage button. The SSL LMC+ sees the addition of some very interesting if not intriguing features. First of all and possibly the most common nowadays, is the inclusion of a dry/wet blend control for parallel compression. High-pass and Low-pass filters have been included, requested by many users, and they serve two functions; they can be used to filter the audio path or side chain path.

The two most intriguing features however are called Scoop and Split. The first one called Scoop reverses the phase of the processed signal which adds very strong colouration to the signal when using the dry/wet knob while the Spit engages a bandpass subtraction mode. These are very unusual but should prove very interesting or at least fun to experiment with.

Solid State Logic LMC+ Compressor for 500 Series


The final announcement by SSL was the release of new Automation software plug-in for their AWS and Duality Consoles. While these had already automation, many users requested the ability to use the SSL motorised faders inside Pro Tools or any DAW using VST, AU and AAX. Plug-In control of analogue equipment is becoming all the rage at the moment and many users will welcome the ability to control the automation directly inside their DAW rather than on an external DSP/ Computer. We hope that this paves the way for the creation of automation in the XL-Desk although nothing is certain and it may remain wishful thinking.

Solid State Delta CTRL

We are still waiting for confirmation of price and availability but we'll be looking at these products more closely at MusikMesse and bring you some interesting news on those products.


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