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  1. SSL Fusion : The Inside Track

    SSL Fusion : The Inside Track

            Fusion is a brand new analogue mix bus processor from Solid State Logic. The unit has taken a full two years to design, and over that time SSL has used a selection of industry producers, mixers and engineers to provide feedback and workflow suggestions to help them during product development. I […]

  2. UAD Lexicon 480L Review

    UAD Lexicon 480L Review

      Universal Audio has just released version 9.7 of their UAD software and as usual, have included five new plug-ins including an emulation of the Lexicon 480L digital effects system.   A (Very) Brief history of the Lexicon 480L   The Lexicon 480L was released in 1986 and rapidly became the ultimate digital reverb by […]

  3. 5 UAD Plug-ins for Vocals

    5 UAD Plug-ins for Vocals

          Universal Audio has been recreating incredibly realistic emulations of some of the best hardware equipment that gets used on all the best recordings we love, giving music creators amazing tools for recording, mixing and mastering. As Universal Audio is running a fantastic Vocal Plug-in promotion with their Apollo Twin Audio Interfaces, I […]

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