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  1. SSL Fusion : The Inside Track

    SSL Fusion : The Inside Track

            Fusion is a brand new analogue mix bus processor from Solid State Logic. The unit has taken a full two years to design, and over that time SSL has used a selection of industry producers, mixers and engineers to provide feedback and workflow suggestions to help them during product development. I […]

  2. Bettermaker C502V Compressor

    Bettermaker C502V Compressor

      Bettermaker | 502V Compressor   When Polish engineer Marek from Bettermaker announced last year he was making their first compressor little did I know that he meant three would be along at once!   The new Bettermaker 502V compressor is housed in a design based upon their current 500-series compatible EQ's but with some exceptions that […]

  3. Drawmer 1978 Compressor

    Drawmer 1978 Compressor

        There's something very satisfying about getting a 'Recall Sheet' with a piece of equipment. It could be seen as a nod back to those days when everything was written down hardcopy and noted...or it could be seen as a gentle reminder that here is a real piece of audio equipment that is ready for […]

  4. Is the 500 Series format for me ?

    Is the 500 Series format for me ?

      Is the 500 Series format for me?   The idea that a design format would become such a discussion shows how far the 500 Series has come. Originally designed as a way to supply mic pres, EQ and compressors from desks to those without a console, it has now turned into a monster format, with […]

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