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  1. Superbooth 2022

    Superbooth 2022

    Eight months after last year’s delayed edition of Superbooth, it was time to return to Berlin for what is now generally regarded as the world’s leading dedicated synthesizer exhibition. More than a simple expo, Superbooth provides enthusiasts, professionals and equipment designers with a space to share their love of electronic instrument design and music while […]

  2. Superbooth 2021 Report

    Superbooth 2021 Report

        After last year’s cancellation of the main Superbooth event, anticipation was high for the 2021 edition. Superbooth has always created a friendly environment where synth-freaks can come and see the latest innovations in synthesis, discover new musical projects and meet other like-minded people in this vibrant community.   A New Exhibition   Perhaps […]

  3. Dreadbox White Line Eurorack Modules Annouced

    Dreadbox White Line Eurorack Modules Annouced

    Greek synthesizer pioneers Dreadbox today announced a new range of eurorack modules due for release in November 2016. The new White Line is a series of utilitarian eurorack modules derived from the constituent parts of their incredibly popular semi-modular synthesizer line. The range includes all the modules required to build a full synthesizer voice and even […]

  4. London Synthesizer Expo 2016 @ KMR Audio

    London Synthesizer Expo 2016 @ KMR Audio

    We're exceptionally pleased to announce that we're hosting the second annual London Synthesizer Expo at KMR Audio, at our North London showroom on Friday 13th of May 2016. This is your chance to get wiggling with some of the latest synthesis innovations, meet the designers and play with some of the most sought after new releases. Plus […]

  5. Dave Smith DSM03 Eurorack Feedback Module Revealed

    Dave Smith DSM03 Eurorack Feedback Module Revealed

    Dave Smith is awesome, we all know that. But do you know what makes him more awesome? Well that's when he announces new modular modular gear; so basque in the glory of awesomeness Dave, because you've just told us about the brand new DSM03 Feedback. DSM03 as the name suggests is the third modular product […]

  6. Mutable Instruments Kinks Announced

    Mutable Instruments Kinks Announced

    It's always a happy day when Mutable Instruments announce a new module, today is no different! Kinks is the brand new 4HP utility module from the French modular extraordinaire Olivier Gillet, like all of the Mutable range it fits a hell of a lot of functionality into a small space. At just 4HP the new […]

  7. Dave Smith DSM02 Character Module Review

    Dave Smith DSM02 Character Module Review

    Don’t you just love it when you ask for something and it happens, exactly as you wished it would? Well that’s exactly what happened with the DSM02 Character Module from Dave Smith. “We” (the royal we) asked DSI to take the much loved Character effects from the PRO2 and Prophet 12 and put into a […]

  8. Designer Talk: Allan Hall of AJH Synth

    Designer Talk: Allan Hall of AJH Synth

      AJH Synth are one of the stand out brands from 2015, their range of Minimod Eurorack modules gracefully encapsulate the sonic qualities of the iconic Moog Model D. Allan Hall the companies owner and product developer talks a little about himself, what inspired him to replicate such a legendary synthesizer and his inspiration. KMR Audio; So […]

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