1. Superbooth 2022

    Superbooth 2022

    Eight months after last year’s delayed edition of Superbooth, it was time to return to Berlin for what is now generally regarded as the world’s leading dedicated synthesizer exhibition. More than a simple expo, Superbooth provides enthusiasts, professionals and equipment...

  2. Analogue Solutions Fusebox Review

    Analogue Solutions Fusebox Review

    It's no secret that Analogue Solutions make excellent synthesizers, heck it's their namesake. They make "Analogue Solutions" for those who have some kind of obscure issue that's solved with a synthesizer acquisition, that issue is commonly known as GAS. And my oh...

  3. Come and see us at SynthFest 2017!

    Come and see us at SynthFest 2017!

    We're delighted to be exhibiting at Synthfest again this year, last year was an incredible experience, we made a lot of new friends and had the opportunity to show a lot of cool, unique synthesizers and this year will be...

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