1. SynthFest UK

    SynthFest UK

      After a two year absence, SynthFest - the UK’s largest synthesiser event - returns to the Octagon Centre in Sheffield... SynthFest is the place to get your hands on all of the latest synths from 40 leading manufacturers, along with seminars and product demo workshops throughout the day. KMR Audio will be there with […]

  2. Moog Subharmonicon Released

    Moog Subharmonicon Released

    Moog's polyrhythmic masterpiece makes its public debut; The Moog Subharmonicon is a Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer with a very unusual, but incredibly inspiring sequencing and sound generation architecture, it uses the concepts of mathematically generated sub divisions of audio and clocks to produce gorgeous evolving chordal structures and music phrases. This creation originally saw the light […]

  3. Building a live set #3

    Building a live set #3

      Building a live set #3 You know that old saying? Practice makes perfect…well that’s precisely what I’m about to preach in this latest instalment, practice, practice and more practice, because at the end of the day, no matter how easy you make things for yourself even if you’ve implemented some clever procedurally generated musical […]

  4. Synthfest 2019 our show highlights!

    Synthfest 2019 our show highlights!

        Once upon a time in Sheffield...   Once a year in the month of October the lovely fellows from Sound on Sound put on a wonderful synth-focused event in Sheffield called Synthfest. It’s an annual gathering where manufacturers, collectors and retailers get into one space and share their enthusiasm for all things bleep. […]

  5. Moog System 3P Legacy Modular in stock and on demo!

    Moog System 3P Legacy Modular in stock and on demo!

      We’re incredibly proud to announce that we have one of the most iconic modular systems ever conceived by Moog in stock and available to demo in stock, the incredible Moog IIIP. Moog announced in 2015 that they would be re-issuing select systems from their back catalogue, using the very same build techniques and components […]

  6. Synthesis 101 Part#1

    Synthesis 101 Part#1

    Synthesis 101: A guide though the key concepts of a synthesizer and their practical applications.   Synthesizers are in my opinion one of the most fascinating musical innovations ever conceived, a glorious bi-product of technological innovation crossing paths with creative individuals who want to push the envelope (excuse the pun) of conventional music standards. For […]

  7. Moog Matriarch Revealed at Moogfest!

    Moog Matriarch Revealed at Moogfest!

    Well it's Moogfest 2019 people, and you know what that means?!? Yep, I'm stuck here in the UK whilst my pals gallivant around North Carolina playing with all the new goodies that Moog  have this rather lovely limited edition synth thingie called Matriarch, a semi modular 4-voice paraphonic analogue synthesizer. You could be forgiven […]

  8. Is 5U for you?

    Is 5U for you?

    A quick history of 5U. In the 1960’s a certain Dr Bob began to develop a new type of sound making machine. After a few years building and selling Theremin kits, Bob was beginning to form some circuit designs that would ultimately become a line-up of Moog Modular synthesizers. In 1964 Bob presented one of […]

  9. Moog GRANDMOTHER available to the masses.....!

    Moog GRANDMOTHER available to the masses.....!

      Okay, the looks are up for debate (did someone say vogue-rogue?) but you can't deny how insanely awesome the Moog Grandmother is. Let me give you the low down; This is a semi-modular analogue synthesizer who's circuitry is derived from Moog's legacy modular systems, like the System 35 So you've probably seen the product […]

  10. Mutable Instruments Stages Announced

    Mutable Instruments Stages Announced

      Olivier Gillet is a man on a mission. Not content with releasing two outstanding products in one month (PLAITS and MARBLES) Mutable Instruments today announced the rather interesting and thought provoking STAGES. We all know that when Mutable Instruments announce something, people pay attention and that is because of one simple, fundamental reason; Olivier […]

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