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Universal Audio releases Version 8.0 for their UAD-2 Platform with New Plug-ins

Universal Audio has released Version 8.0 of their UAD-2 DSP platform with the launch of new plug-ins geared towards guitarists as well as a powerful new Apollo Expanded software and Console 2.0

Universal Audio Version 8.0

UAD-2 Goes to 11


With Version 8.0, Universal Audio has added to their UAD-2 Platform 3 new plug-ins that make use of UAD’s Unison technology to accurately recreate the tones and dynamic behaviour of the classic hardware they emulate.

The first plug-in is the intriguing Sound Machine Wood Works which recreates the resonance and vibrancy of a well recorded acoustic guitar missing from recording with acoustic guitar pickups. Developed by Sound Machine for the UAD platform this plug-in is nothing short of incredible and has to be tested to be believed.

The second plug-in is the UA Distortion Essentials Plug-in Bundle which offers a choice of three classic distortion pedals, the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808, the Pro Co Rat (aptly named Raw Distortion) and a 70’s era Big Muff Pi named Bermuda Triangle. These plug-ins have been tailored to harness the power of Unison Technology to faithfully recreate the circuit interaction, gain range and clipping points of the original.

Finally the third offering that completes the guitar chain is the Friedman Amplifiers Plug-in Collection emulated by Brainworx for the UAD-2 Platform. It emulates two amps designed by David Friedman, the DS-40 and BE-100 amplifiers capable of delivery a wide range of tones using a clever combination of algorithms and convolution. In addition the plug-in features an FX rack with lo-fi delay, noise gate and filter controls.

New Expanded Console


In addition version 8.0 brings Apollo expanded which lets you cascade several Thunderbolt audio interfaces as well as naming, saving and sharing presets for different setups.  A Star clocking over thunderbolt lets you provide high-quality clocking to all Apollos. Finally you can use the Apollo Twin to use for desktop monitoring as well as additional DSP and Connectivity.

A brand new version of UAD-2’s Console is also included which brings many new powerful features from high-resolution, retina compatible 64-bit software interface to brand new channel strip presets that let you see the signal chain in one window. Console 2.0 also includes an ALT monitoring, Control Room and Cue Headphone management for improved monitoring functionality.

With Version 8.0, Universal Audio has clearly targeted guitarists with three high quality emulation plug-ins and bundles but has also brought a raft of features that Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo users will absolutely love especially those who do a lot of recordings. Firewire users will have to wait until fall to see many of these features ported across.

By Paul Lavigne

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