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Westpoint Studio

Shane Bolan-Shanahan actually started life working alongside some of our team... so we've known him for a long time, way before he ever became a major studio owner.

Westpoint Control Room

Shane was always very single minded about what he wanted to achieve in audio, and, through his awesome passion for music (and after one or two iterations) he finally opened his dream studio in 2013.

Shane's place, Westpoint Studio, is a wonderfully equipped, beautiful sounding room (now available through the Miloco group's booking system) based in West London and features an SSL 4000 console, 64 I/O of Apogee Symphony conversion, Crane Song HEDD master convertors, some gorgeous outboard (Neve 1081 preamps, Chandler Curve Bender EQ, GML 8200 EQ, API preamps, Maag EQ, Manley EQ... and on and on and on). You can tell where he shops!!

Westpoint Rack

Add in monitoring by ATC, Quested and PMC and some very choice vintage units, and you've got yourself a very reasonably priced studio with incredible specs. Check out the client list here - http://westpointstudio.com/clients/

The studio is really well put together and it's been fascinating to watch Shane's development, growing from a tea boy at an equipment supplier to the Recording Studio magnate he has become! We're dead proud of Shane, and his studio.

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