Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer RX9

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15x11" - suitable for NS10s mounted on their side - Klein & Hummel O300 - Tannoy Elipse 10 - Adam S3A.
Chuck Ainlay
"Your mixes are only as good as your monitors and mix environment. When I began using the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer I immediately noticed improvements in the low-end clarity of my near field monitors, to the point that I no longer needed to use a separate subwoofer. Incredibly, the detail of high frequencies and image localization were also improved." Chuck Ainlay - Producer / Engineer (Dire Straits, Vince Gill, George Strait, Lyle Lovett, Dixie Chicks)

The Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer is a unique speaker mounting device that at once eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand while providing a stable base that reduces the recoil caused by the forward energy of the loudspeaker motion.

Made from three basic components, the Recoil Stabilizer is essentially a platform for the loudspeaker that features a high-density urethane base that isolates the speaker from the shelf, monitor bridge or stand. This effectively decouples the loudspeaker to eliminate vibration-borne resonance to the substructure. A heavy laser-cut steel plate is added and sandwiched between the isolation layer and a no-slip neoprene top. The steel plate introduces significant mass to the structure and serves to stabilize the speaker.

By reducing the backward 'recoil' energy as the speaker coil pushes energy forward, initial waveform transients no longer suffer lag and the sharpness of the resulting pulse is more defined. The result is significantly greater detail at all frequencies, with tighter bottom end and improved depth of field.

Give your monitors a firm base to play from, with the unique recoil stabilizers.

15x11" - suitable for NS10s mounted on their side - Neumann KH310 - Tannoy Elipse 10 - Adam S3A.

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Short Description15x11" - suitable for NS10s mounted on their side - Klein & Hummel O300 - Tannoy Elipse 10 - Adam S3A.
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