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Prism Sound Lyra 1

Prism Sound Lyra 1

World class 2 in, 2 out USB interface. From the conversion masters.

Prism Sound Lyra 1 Main
Prism Sound Lyra 1 Main Prism Sound Lyra 1 Front Prism Sound Lyra 1 Back

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Prism Sound
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The Lyra family of audio interfaces offers Prism Sound performance at its most affordable ever. They are based on the Orpheus audio path and clock circuitry, but in a smaller package for those who don't need eight channels of analogue I/O.

Analogue and digital input channels are available as inputs for your audio workstation software through the host computer's audio driver. Similarly, analogue and digital outputs and stereo headphone outputs can be played independently.

For low-latency foldback or monitoring to headphone or main outputs, each output pair (1-2, 3-4, digital out or the headphone output) can optionally be driven from the built-in DSP mixer with an individual local mix of any selection of inputs through the controller applet. All analogue inputs are electronically balanced with automatic unbalanced operation. Analogue outputs are electronically balanced with 'bootstrapping', i.e. level is maintained if one leg is grounded.

Lyra has the same no-compromise analogue front and back ends as its brother Orpheus, with the same fully-balanced-throughout architecture and the same isolation barriers protecting the analogue from digital and computer interference.

The design team has gone to great lengths to minimise noise and interference, in particular, hum. All of the analogue circuits have galvanic isolation, while the unit's electronically balanced I/O allows it to handle common mode interference sources as well as enabling trouble-free connection to unbalanced equipment.

For Lyra, we have created a unit that is compatible with the widest range of computer hardware by using a USB2 interface. This is a UAC2 (USB Audio Class 2) interface supported natively in Mac, Linux and Android, and in Windows via a driver.

Lyra is easy to connect to your computer and to your outboard gear. For Windows users, ASIO and WDM drivers are provided, while for Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Lyra interfaces directly to Core Audio. For both Mac and PC platforms, there is a controller application to configure the unit and control its built-in mixer and other functions. Aside from the monitor and headphone level controls, everything else is operated solely from the Lyra controller application. The controller software opens on-screen as a separate panel alongside your existing editing software. Since Lyra is UAC2 compliant, it will also work in recent Linux and Android builds, although no control panel is provided.

Lyra has the same excellent mic amps as Orpheus with software-controlled gain in 1dB steps, switchable phantom power, a 20dB pad - and very low noise and distortion. These inputs are auto-sensing with software over-ride. Analogue inputs have individually-selectable Prism Sound "Overkiller" peak limiters built in, just as on the higher-priced ADA-8XR and Orpheus, to catch those fast transients. The Overkiller threshold automatically follows the operating line-up level selection (+4dBu or -10dBV). Overkillers are ideal for percussive sounds, particularly drums, where headroom can be a problem.

The co-axial digital I/O port can be switched in the Lyra 2 controller applet between S/PDIF and AES3 formats. This control changes the operating voltage and the Channel Status format and is complemented by two in-line adaptor leads that provide external XLR connections for AES3 devices. The optical digital I/O ports on Lyra 2 can also be configured as ADAT I/O. Other connections include word clock sync I/O on BNC connectors (Lyra 2 only).

  • No-compromise, full Prism Sound audio quality
  • Class compliant (UAC2) USB interface
  • ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows (32 and 64bit)
  • Native CORE AUDIO on Mac OS X
  • UAC2 operation on Linux (no control panel support)
  • Ethernet interface with low-latency AVB capability
  • Two Prism Sound premium-quality AD channels
  • Two high-end integrated microphone preamps (typ. -130dBu EIN)
  • Microphone inputs have switchable phantom power and 20dB pads
  • MS matrix on microphone inputs
  • Two high-impedance front panel instrument inputs
  • Prism Sound "Overkillers" to gracefully control transient overloads
  • Four Prism Sound premium-quality DA channels, plus independent stereo headphone DA
  • Outputs selectable between workstation bus or Lyra mixer
  • New high-drive headphone output with front-panel volume control
  • S/PDIF on RCA/phono and TOSLINK connectors
  • S/PDIF stereo or ADAT 8 channel I/O supported on TOSLINK optical connectors
  • AES3 mode with I/O via RCA/XLR adaptor
  • Built-in high-quality sample rate conversion
  • Prism Sound SNS noise shaping on digital outputs (4 curves)
  • Word-clock sync I/O
  • Low-latency "console-quality" digital mixer for foldback monitoring Fader, pan, cut, solo on every mixer channel
  • Front-panel master volume control, assignable to selected channels
  • State-of-the-art clock generation with proprietary hybrid 2-stage DPLL
  • Fully-floating (isolated) balanced architecture for optimum noise rejection
  • Short Description High Quality 2 in, 2 out USB interface.
    Demo in Store No
    Universal product popup No
    Manufacturer Prism Sound
    Computer Connection USB
    AD Resolution 24-bit / 192kHz
    Total I/O 2-in / 2-out
    Analogue Inputs 2
    Analogue Outputs 2
    Digital Inputs S/PDIF on RCA/phono and TOSLINK, 8x ADAT channel, AES3 via XLR to RCA adapter,
    Digital Outputs S/PDIF on RCA/phono and TOSLINK, 8x ADAT channel, AES3 via XLR to RCA adapter,
    Mic Preamps No
    Phantom Power No
    MIDI I/O No
    Clock I/O Word Clock BNC
    Built-in DSP No
    Bus Powered No

    Customer Reviews

    To Koreans, Review by Jae-Ah (Posted on 18/10/2016)
    Prism Sound 제품의 경우 한국에 정식 수입되고 있고, 수입처의 서비스도 매우 훌륭한 편입니다. 하지만 제품 이상시 직접 영국으로 배송해야한다는 불편만 감수하실 수 있다면, KMR Audio를 통하시는 것은 매우 좋은 전략을 보입니다. 주문후 배송까지 일주일 정도 걸렸으며, 특히 완충제를 충분히 넣은 제품 포장 상태가 매우 훌륭해서 전혀 이상없이 배달되어 왔습니다.

    Lyra 1은 알려진대로 넓은 해상도와 최고의 품질의 DA, AD단을 자랑합니다. 저는 Apollo Twin에서 업그레이드한 상황인데, 확실히 작업에 있어서 사운드의 피로도가 적고, 스피커의 성능도 향상되었다고 느낍니다. ADAM A7X를 사용하고 있는데 궁합도 상당히 괜찮은 편입니다. 특히 A7X 특유의 저음 부스트가 다소 있는 편인데, Twin에서는 느끼지 못했던 저음간 분리가 Lyra 1에서는 느껴지더군요.

    제품 자체에도 좋은 평가를, KMR Audio에도 좋은 평가를 주고 싶습니다.

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