Guitar Effects

Guitar Effects

Whether you're a Guitarist, Bass Player, Producer of Live Performer it's probably safe to assume that effects pedals make up an element of your sound.

The art of processing audio signals through a stompbox goes all the way back to the 1940's when jazz guitar pioneer Les Paul began manipulating tapes to create pitched effects.

It took several years for the idea of standalone effects pedal to take shape. The first standalone non-valve effects unit to hit the market was the Maestro Fuzz from 1962.

This concept was picked up and built upon by legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend to name a few. Each with their own signature sound that was quite often drenched in delay, wah and fuzz.

Move on a few decades and we're in a place where there is literally a pedal for every single possible application. We have extremely powerful DSP effects processors such as the Kemper Profiler, complex digital reverbs like the eventide space and analogue effects pedals from the likes of Dreadbox and Moog.

We have a huge range of effects pedals available both online and in store and we share your passion for stompboxes.

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  1. Kemper Profiler PowerRack
    Kemper Profiler PowerRack
  2. Kemper Profiler PowerRack + Remote
    Kemper Profiler PowerRack + Remote
  3. Kemper Profiler Rack
    Kemper Profiler Rack
  4. Kemper Profiler Rack + Remote
    Kemper Profiler Rack + Remote
  5. Kemper Profiler Stage Floorboard
    Kemper Profiler Stage Floorboard
  6. Soma Cosmos Drifting Memory Station
    Soma Cosmos Drifting Memory Station
  7. SPL Cabulator
    SPL Cabulator
  8. SPL Reducer Passive Power Attenuator
    SPL Reducer Passive Power Attenuator
  9. SPL Transducer
    SPL Transducer
  10. TC Electronic NOVA System
    TC Electronic NOVA System
  11. UAFX Astra Modulation Machine
    UAFX Astra Modulation Machine
  12. UAFX Golden Reverberator
    UAFX Golden Reverberator
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