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Monitor manufacturers often claim that their products sound ‘neutral’, which means that they don’t colour the sound. It is risky to make equalisation and balance decisions on coloured-sounding monitors unless you know them extremely well. Cheaper monitors are voiced for a quick sale – generally with over-hyped treble or upper-bass. Mixes need width and depth, so through the use of panning, reverb and delay we can place individual elements in a mix at specific points between the left/right and front/back of the stereo image. When we praise the ‘imaging’ it means the monitors are able to reproduce mix placements with precision and solidity within the stereo image. Unfortunately, imaging ability cannot be measured.

Monitoring categories

  • Studio Monitors

    Studio Monitors

     Studio Monitors are perhaps the most important purchase an engineer can make. Choose the wrong pair of speakers and you'll find it a lot harder to get a...
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  • Studio Amplifiers

    Studio Amplifiers

    Powering passive studio monitors require a dedicated, carefully chosen studio amplifier which delivers enough power to your speakers but also ensures a clean si...
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  • Headphones


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  • Headphone Amplifiers

    Headphone Amplifiers

    Although many audio interfaces and AD/DA converters include headphone outputs for monitoring, a proper headphone amp will certainly help provide a clean signal ...
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  • Monitor Controllers

    Monitor Controllers

    Monitoring Controllers are often overlooked but are vital to be able to monitor and make appropriate decisions when mixing. Whether you are comparing several so...
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  • Speaker Stands

    Speaker Stands

    Speaker stands come in various shapes and form but serve the same basic function which is to support your speakers and prevent the smearing of sound caused by ...
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