Studio Monitors


Studio Monitors are perhaps the most important purchase an engineer can make. Choose the wrong pair of speakers and you'll find it a lot harder to get a good sounding mix. We offer a great range of high-quality speakers from Amphion, ATC, Barefoot, Focal, Kii, Neumann, PSI and many more.

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  1. Amphion One15 and Amp700 bundle
    Amphion One15 and Amp700 Powered Studio Monitors
  2. Amphion One 18 (Pair) (Studio Monitors)
    Amphion One18 (Pair)
  3. Amphion Two15 Passive Studio Monitors - Pair
    Amphion Two15 (Pair)
  4. ATC SCM20PSL Pro Passive - Front Back
    ATC SCM20PSL Pro Passive (Pair)
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