Studio Monitors


Studio Monitors are perhaps the most important purchase an engineer can make. Choose the wrong pair of speakers and you'll find it a lot harder to get a good sounding mix. We offer a great range of high-quality speakers from Amphion, ATC, Barefoot, Focal, Kii, Neumann, PSI and many more.

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  1. ADAM S5H
    ADAM S5H (Pair)
  2. Amphion Atmos Bundle
    Amphion Atmos Bundle
  3. ATC Atmos Bundle
    ATC Atmos Bundle
  4. ATC SCM110ASL Pro (Pair)
    ATC SCM110ASL Pro (Pair)
  5. ATC SCM200ASL Pro - Pair
    ATC SCM200ASL Pro (Pair)
  6. ATC SCM300ASL Pro - Pair2
    ATC SCM300ASL Pro (Pair)
  7. Barefoot Sound Masterstack12
    Barefoot Sound MasterStack12 Pair
  8. Barefoot Sound Masterstack12 No Handles
    Barefoot Sound MasterStack12 Pair (includes pedestals - NO HANDLES)
  9. Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 (Pair)
    Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 MM12 (Pair)
  10. Guzauski-Swist GS-3A Stereo Studio Monitor System
    Guzauski-Swist GS-3A Stereo Studio Monitor System
  11. HEDD Tower Mains Extended
    HEDD Tower Mains Extended
  12. HEDD Tower Mains Standard
    HEDD Tower Mains Standard
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