Studio Monitors


Studio Monitors are perhaps the most important purchase an engineer can make. Choose the wrong pair of speakers and you'll find it a lot harder to get a good sounding mix. We offer a great range of high-quality speakers from Amphion, ATC, Barefoot, Focal, Kii, Neumann, PSI and many more.

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  1. Amphion Two18 and Amp700 Powered Studio Monitors
    Amphion Two18 and Amp700 Powered Studio Monitors
  2. ATC SCM0.1/15SL
    ATC SCM0.1/15SL
  3. ATC SCM50AC Pro
    ATC SCM50AC Pro
  4. Barefoot Sound MM45 3-way Active Studio Monitor
    Barefoot Sound MicroMain45 MM45 (Pair)
  5. Geithain RL 941
    Geithain RL 941 (Pair)
  6. Geithain RL904 Alternative Veneers (Pair)
    Geithain RL904 Alternative Veneers (Pair)
  7. Genelec 8260A (Pair)
    Genelec 8260A (Pair)
  8. Kii Audio BXT
    Kii Audio BXT
  9. PSI Audio A21-M Black (Pair)
    PSI Audio A21-M Black (Pair)
  10. PSI Audio A21-M White (Pair)
    PSI Audio A21-M White (Pair)
  11. PSI Audio A21-M, Red (Pair)
    PSI Audio A21-M, Red (Pair)
  12. Quested V3110 (Pair)
    Quested V3110 (Pair)
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