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VCO's and Filters

Oscillators & Tone Generators at KMR


Oscillators and filters are the central sound source found inside most synthesizers, they come in many forms and flavors and vary in terms of functionality and features. Most Oscillators produce a defined set of waveforms which are mostly static but can vary in pitch and timbre.


Analogue Oscillators or VCO's tend to produce more simple waveforms such as saw, square and sine. These simple waveforms are the building blocks to the classic style of subtractive synthesis. Though these analogue oscillators produce less interesting raw sounds, they can when treated correctly produce an incredible variety of sounds.


More modern Digital Oscillators on the other hand, can produce an staggering array of different tones and textures from complex wavetable synthesis, string emulation, complex waveforms and in some cases even allow for sample synthesis.


The Eurorack format has allowed for many different style of synthesis to emerge, thankfully we can make sure you're well equipped to make the sounds you want.


In this category you'll find Oscillators and sound sources of all kinds, including drum and percussion modules. You'll also find all kinds of different filters from multiple different companies.


We stock a wide range of both analogue and digital oscillators, from the likes of Doepfer, Intellijel, AJH Synth, Waldorf, Dreadbox, Mutable Instruments, Noise Engineering, Studio Electronics and much more.

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Items found 49

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